Certified Divers

1 Dive50€
2 Dives same day90€
5 Dives package (in 5 days)225€
10 Dives package (in 5Days)400€
Scuba Review80€
The above prices for Scuba Diving includes VAT ,all the necessary equipment ,insurance and diving with boat.
Children between 10-12 years old and Scuba Divers are restricted to 12m in depths.They will require a private divemaster for extra 10€/dive.

 Uncertified Divers

Discover Scuba - Try Dive50€
2nd Discover Scuba from Boat60€
Discover Scuba + Registration80€
Discover Scuba + 2nd Dive 105€
Scuba Review entry level upgrade120€

The above prices includes VAT,all the necessary equipment & insurance .


Scuba Diver300€
Scuba Diver upgrade to Open Water290€
Open Water Diver480€
Adventure Diver340€
Advance Open Water Diver380€
EFR (Emergency First Response +AED)200€
Rescue Diver380€
Divemaster 1000€
Scuba Review entry level upgrade120€

The adove prices in courses includes VAT, all the necessary equipment, books , insurance and registration.


EANx/Nitrox course200€
Boat Diver190€
Digital underwater photographer250€
Advance O2 Provider180€
Night Diver350€
Peak Performance Buoyancy190€
Wreck Diver350€
Deep Diver350€
Search & Recovery Diver350€
AWARE - Coral Reef Corvetation150€
Project AWARE spelialist150€

 Equipment Rental

Wet suit5€
Boyancy Control Device(BCD)10€
Mask, snorkel, fins5€/each
Rectreational dive kit35€

For Scuba equipment rental proof of certification must be shown.

 Tank Fills

O2 Nitrox up to 40%3€/m3
O2 Nitrox up to 90%5€/m3